Since ancient times, knights have been considered the standard of strength, courage, and fearlessness. It was the knights who were responsible for the people and the protection of many cities. Knights at all times were considered incredibly skillful warriors and in many confrontations, they were called upon as incredible masters of their craft. However, becoming a knight was not so easy. First of all, this title was received by already privileged warriors, and if you did not belong to noble birth, then you could only hope for the favor of the Monarch.

Over the centuries, the topic of knights has lost its relevance in the form in which we all know it, but the title itself is still alive today. But what is more remarkable, the warriors-knights have long disappeared, and their work lives to this day within the framework of countless computer games. The industry could not miss such a popular topic, and a huge number of modern games appeared among browser projects, in which these courageous characters are involved.

Our section contains the best projects that mention knights. Somewhere you have to lead the main character into battle, in other games, a knight under your control will carry out secret tasks, solve difficult tasks, and defeat enemies. Here you can find a game for every taste, ranging from simple arcade confrontations with a computer opponent, ending with full-scale online fights with other users. Build castles, gather armies, and go into battle. And remember - a real knight gains his glory only in bloody battles. So get ready for battle!

Among the numerous projects, you will find both construction simulators and RPG strategies in which you will need to calculate the most efficient strategy for pumping your hero. Do you want to enjoy challenging gameplay? Choose a game of the appropriate genre. Well, if you do not want to be introduced into complex plot twists and turns, then just choose some simple adventure and enjoy the elementary game mechanics.