The first rule of the Internet “if you want to make popular content, add a cat to the shot” also works in the gaming industry. It is hard to imagine how you can not love these cute and fluffy charms. It is for this reason that in recent years a huge number of completely different games began to appear on the gaming industry market, where representatives of the feline family perform.

In a huge scattering of games presented, you can find absolutely any genre. Among all the world projects in which cats are involved, you can find completely unconventional things, like cats-pilots of planes, or cats-killers. In other words, all the creative potential of developers is realized here, which is often not regulated by anything at all, which is also quite good.

You have an opportunity to choose a project according to your own taste and according to your gaming preferences. Do you want to enjoy military strategy and confront the armies of other... cats? Yes, and this is possible in the modern gaming world. Or maybe you just want to raise cats and, from their very childhood, make sure that the kids grow up and eat properly? There are also such games. Although such options are not in high demand among the mass consumer, these games exist and have a right to life.

Well, our section contains the most popular, popular, incredibly simple, and at the same time complex projects that can be safely called the pride of the Kitty Games genre. Whichever style of play you prefer, with us you can find the perfect combination of gaming features and find yourself a new hobby for long hours of gaming.