Among a large number of modern games for girls, there is a whole genre of Kissing Games, which tells about love and amazing relationships with the princes of dreams. In such projects, you will have to manage characters in love and create unique situations in which your characters will find themselves. The main goals of Kissing Games are to organize the perfect date, and each game differs from the other both in the location of this date and in the set of functional responsibilities during it.

In recent years, a huge number of similar projects have appeared. Somewhere you just need to choose an outfit for your princesses and all this will need to be organized so that the prince will fall in love unconditionally. And in other games, it will be enough just to prepare a feast on the occasion of some holiday and please your loved one. All the presented projects of this genre always have one distinctive feature - all these games include sincere kisses of two hearts in love.

Our catalog contains the most popular and incredibly interesting games of the Kissing Games genre. Here you can find both the classic representatives of the genre, who have collected a real fan base over the long months of their existence and new items. The beauty of this genre is the transience of games. You will prepare the characters for some kind of action, date, holiday and everything will be successful. After that, the game comes to its logical conclusion and you can try another project, plunge into a new story, and meet new characters.