Games about all sorts of murders have been incredibly popular at all times and we are now talking not only about gaming but in general. We will not understand the reasons for this phenomenon, however, we note that the highest degree of demand has affected the gaming industry. Among all modern computer games, for the most part, various murders take place in one way or another.

And here it can be like full-length games where you will need to act as a hired killer and hunt down your victims for a long time. Or there may be simple arcade games in which the main character runs along the corridors and shoots at everything that moves. At the same time, it does not matter what goal he pursues at all. The mechanics of the game itself is important, which dictates the simplest rule - you shoot, or at you.

Among other things, one should not forget a whole layer of war games, in which murder is generally an integral part of both culture and playstyle. And there are just a lot of such examples. Hunting, detective stories, crime, and a huge number of other topics. They all easily fall under the Killing Games category.

The presented catalog contains the best games where you need to kill other characters in one way or another. Choose a game to your liking and go through interesting story stories. Well, if you do not want to be introduced into complex detective twists and turns and stories, then just choose some simple hunter simulator and shoot at targets or animals... or at someone else there. Set records, show the best results in accuracy, and become the most famous master on the whole planet. Are you ready to show everyone the highest class? Then take your preferred type of weapon and enter the game!