Among the huge number of modern games, there are representatives of no fewer different genres. However, such a genre as jumping games enjoys particular popularity and is perceived as one of the traditional classics. There are two reasons for this demand. First of all, this popularity became possible thanks to a whole cascade of incredibly selling and successful games that appeared on mobile platforms ten years ago. People liked those projects and with them the genre itself. The second reason is more subtle and it boils down to the fact that the vast majority of users prefer games with extremely simple mechanics. Those projects in which it all comes down to the agility of the user have always been popular. If the success in the game depends solely on the reaction of the gamer, then he will repeatedly prove that he is faster, stronger, and more resourceful than all his competitors.

Among the projects presented, you will find both real classic games and new items that have appeared on the market relatively recently. It should be noted that 99% of all submitted projects do not differ in any way in terms of game mechanics. You will have to tirelessly jump from one object to another in order to pass the location and move to a higher level of difficulty.

The whole difference between the games comes down to the presence of additional content and in the graphic design of the game. After all, it is always more pleasant to play where the developer took care of the visual component and created really attractive textures of the game world.