If someone in the 21st century asked you to define classic puzzles, then for some time you would not know what to say, except: “Well, a puzzle is a puzzle”. And it really is. How can you explain to a person what the sun is if he has seen it a huge number of times in his life even without you?

Puzzles, in the form in which we are used to them, are a relatively recent invention that has been loved by a huge number of people around the world. This puzzle has become not only a great way to escape from the daily routine but also received several official statuses, including several awards, including for participation in the "golden club" of board games of the 20th century.

Naturally, such a demand could not pass by the gaming industry and a huge number of developers began to offer their vision of puzzles. The principle of collecting the picture has remained unchanged, but the way to collect puzzles has received its logical evolutionary development. The player only needs to find the necessary components in a large "heap" of components and put them into a coherent picture. Over time, there were so many of these games that they all began to unite into a common group, which abounded with a huge list of quality projects.

In this section, you can find puzzles for every taste and any difficulty. If you like to spend hours collecting complex pictures, then choose the most complex and fanciful schemes for collecting components. But in case you just prefer to quickly and temporarily assemble the simplest picture, then among the projects presented you can find everything you need.