Needless to say, the fashion for Japanese culture has literally flooded all corners of the planet and the cultural heritage of the land of the rising sun has become extremely popular all over the world. Is it necessary to mention the influence of anime on world culture? But this is just a part of the popular products that are created and based on the spirit of Japan. In fact, there are a huge number of such examples and they are so tightly integrated into our life that we take them for granted and sometimes do not notice at all.

Naturally, all this affected not only the increased number of animated films but also the gaming industry. A huge number of world hits that hit all kinds of charts around the planet were created by Japanese masters. However, when it comes to Japanese Games, we cannot pass by browser games of this genre.

In this section, you will be able to find a whole scattering of high-quality, exciting, and truly interesting games that can correspond to the Japanese Games genre. If you like simulators of various fighting games, then at your disposal is a whole scattering of games where you will have to fight a huge number of samurai with only one katana. Well, if you do not want to draw your weapon at people, then try to sharply and incredibly skillfully cut fruits or vegetables while they are in the air in a tossed state.

Among all the games in the section, you can choose absolutely any genre that suits your taste. Do you want to build cities? Not a big deal. But what if you were asked to manage an authentic Japanese village, where the spirit of folklore is everywhere? No complications. You can at least conquer foreign lands or engage in fishing. Well, if you don't like all this, then just collect sakura petals in the shade of Fuji. In other words, here every modern gamer will find entertainment that will ideally suit all his basic requirements for the game.