Among the huge number of modern games, there is a whole scattering of different genres, which in one way or another relate to different topics and allow users to plunge into a unique atmosphere. However, among the huge variety of complex games, there is a whole class of Incremental Games that allows the user to disconnect from all worries and just enjoy the simplest mechanics of modern clickers. This is exactly the case when you have to perform the same type of actions and everything will depend on your perseverance, concentration and a little on your analytical mind.

In most games of this format, you will have to repeatedly click on an object. In this case, the system will offer you certain bonuses for these actions in the form of game currency, various improvements or battle points. All earned things can be spent on many different improvements. But among the usual "enhancers" you can find real helpers who will allow themselves to do your job.

For instance, in one of the games presented, you will find yourself in a forest overflowing with monsters. In order to pass the location and play on a new level, you will need to “clean up” the current area from numerous evil spirits. This is achieved by repeatedly clicking on the monster. However, in the store, you can hire soldiers who will automatically attack enemies. Among other things, you have an opportunity to improve the attack characteristics for your army, which ultimately will allow you not to take part in battles at all. Want to build a great passive gameplay scheme? Then you are exactly at the right place! Choose from the many games in this genre and enjoy the results of your hard work.