Are you tired of complex combos of various abilities that must be accompanied by certain plot twists and turns? Don't want to solve complex problems anymore? Do you just need to get distracted from the outside world and bury yourself in the monotonous but incredible world of farming and clickers? Then Idle Games is the perfect solution for you. This section presents the most popular modern games that will not burden you with a huge number of different actions. Here you will have to perform the same type of actions that will allow you to get various bonuses to perform the same type of actions even more efficiently.

In the presented section, you are able to choose a project that will ideally suit you both in terms of control mechanics and terms of the plot element. In the vast majority of games, you will need to literally click on some items in order to get points or an analog of game currency. In other projects, you will have to attack enemies and each click will take a certain amount of life from them. However, with each new level, the power, level, and number of lives of opponents will noticeably increase and it will become extremely difficult for you to eliminate them with simple clicks. Here you will have to resort to outside help and activate various improvements.

In some games, the user has the opportunity to invest in passive gameplay, where you don't have to do anything, you just have to buy certain improvements that will do your work in the background. Yes, this is an ideal solution for those who love the result of the game more than the process itself. If you organize your workspace correctly, then you will not have to be present at all in the active part of the game. Just check back and forth from time to time and use the proceeds to improve several functional components to make them work even better.