A huge number of different genres can be safely attributed to this category, among which you will find both construction simulators and simple games with a complex storyline. For many users, this section is a kind of outlet, because several projects offer to perform some specific tasks and, as a bonus, allows you to decorate the house with some kind of design solutions. who does not like such a variety of games that offer to perform completely different types of tasks. Nevertheless, among the many projects that you can find in this section, there are full-format construction or repair simulators.

Do you want to try yourself as an interior designer? How about choosing the color of the walls, choosing the many accessories, and other elements of the chic look of your home? But if you do not want to limit yourself only to the design of the house, then try to design it completely, starting from the planning of the foundation, ending with the laying of the last tile in the roof. It only seems that construction is a very simple task. In fact, you will receive a series of serious challenges, each of which will confront you with difficult tasks.

But if you do not want to delve so deeply into the complexities of the construction business, then we recommend trying a project that provides for the organizational work of a manager in finished office buildings. Divide your home into sectors, rent them out to different tenants, increase the cost of the services offered, and attract new investors. In the end, you will become a real estate tycoon and earn huge capital that can be very successfully invested in new construction projects.