Horse Games

Horses are not only amazing animals that from time immemorial have been faithful companions of people in all spheres, but for a long time, they were an excellent means of transportation for our ancestors. Now all that is connected with horse-drawn transport has a unique and isolated character, and earlier it was a ubiquitous phenomenon, without which it was extremely difficult to imagine a person's life. For many centuries, horses have been both helpers to people, and a very popular commodity, and an invariable part of our culture. However, in the last century with the development of technology, these graceful creatures have ceased their long journey as a tool for humans.

Horses are one of the favorite animals of humans today, which has taken its toll on the entertainment industry. Now horses began to appear not only in films. Every year, many developers are releasing more and more games in which, one way or another, these amazing animals are present. We have collected for you the most interesting, popular, and popular projects that will not leave you indifferent.

Among numerous games, you will find projects in which horses are only occasionally involved, but they play a very significant role in the game. However, most of the projects will be based on horses. You will have to explore the vast expanses of the Wild West or race with other horses in competitions. In some games, horses will perform in completely unexpected roles, but any project will be remembered for a long time by a whole cascade of unforgettable emotions. Choose any of the proposed projects and enjoy the amazing mechanics of your new hobby.