For many, horror is another offshoot of horror that evokes extremely negative emotions. Some people are generally indifferent to this genre. But for the rest, Horror Games is a unique outlet that gives the brightest emotions and leaves an unforgettable experience.

This section contains the best games of the genre that have collected the largest number of positive reviews. Here you will find both real classics of the genre, as well as completely new projects that are at the beginning of their long journey to popularity. And if you are ready to conquer new worlds, fight horrible monsters and face paranormal phenomena, then feel free to choose any project and start your adventure.

Among the wide variety of modern games, you will find both real quest projects and arcade action games that will surprise you with sudden elements. Projects are waiting for you, where the emphasis will be on the atmosphere and unique setting around the protagonist. And while the environment and atmosphere are fundamental factors in any Horror game, there is also a story factor. And if you don't just want to be in gloomy locations and perform the simplest actions, then you will be presented with numerous games where you will need to survive and do it as carefully as possible, following an interesting storyline.

But whatever you choose, you will definitely be satisfied, because what could be better than solving difficult and scary tasks, which are accompanied by a truly unique atmosphere.