Everyone interested in games has had some sort of contact with the horror genre of games at the very least a few times in their lives. Universally appreciated, some of the most iconic games and those thought of as “classics” are in this genre. Even if, like me, you are not exactly enjoying the thrill of playing horror games and they are too much pressure to take on, there is always an enormous market of people posting playthroughs of these games on platforms like Youtube.

A good example of this would be the biggest human youtuber - Pewdiepie, who really broke through with his playthrough of the game Amnesia.

How far these games have gotten can easily be seen in their movie-like quality of graphics which make it like you are an actual character making decisions in a horror movie, which only adds to the tension but also the quality of the experience. There even are those games, like the Dark Pictures Anthology, which focus only on the storytelling aspect, with almost no gameplay and all the decisions you make affect how the story unfolds, and their success shows for itself that people really do enjoy immersing themselves into these stories. Maybe even more than horror movies for which we have not really had a hit in some time.

Anyway, from zombie apocalypses, through alien space missions, werewolves and vampires, tiny protagonists in small worlds filled with enormous distorted beings resembling humans, gothic london witch hunts, all the way to, somehow, an anime literature club, horror games have really spread far and wide over their lifespan and they really are not showing any signs of ceasing any time soon. The interest is there and why would it not be, as the genre only pushes its limits year to year, with the release of VR who knows how far it will go, and I’m all here for it.