For one reason or another, sport games were, since their very beginning, rather popular. The answer to the question why this is so is, I would say, pretty simple, and they boil down to the same reason as most games - usually it is because you can do and achieve things you could not, or were very unlikely to do, in real life. Not many people are professional football players, but pretty much anyone can pick up a controller and play as the world’s most renowned player in the world’s number one team, trashing all other teams and enjoying themselves to no end. The same thing, evidently, applies to games which feature ice hockey. You don’t really need to even have an idea of how ice skating works in order to be a professional ice hockey player in-game.

There is also the hockey game in arcades, which might even be a personal preference honestly.

This one almost anyone can play in real life as well, but isn’t it much more comfortable to enjoy the same exact thrill from the comfort of your own home?

And, in comparison to paying for every single match of air hockey  in the arcade, on your computer you get to play completely free. Except if you are easily angered, a sore loser if you will, and you have the tendency to allow the anger to overtake your body in mad outbursts of endless rage in which a piece of your gaming equipment might end up…well… on the floor or in the wall.

The appeal of the sports genre of games never dissipates, which seems to allow them to, year after year, push out new titles which are nothing ground-breaking, but always up-to-date, and somehow always end up being fun for a time. So if you are ever in the mood for some air hockey but don’t feel like going all the way to the nearest arcade, or you don’t have one nearby, look no further.