At the time of its appearance, the helicopter became a new revolutionary step in the development of air transport. The possibility of vertical take-off and landing in any area became the predominant factor of the vehicle and such characteristics were warmly received not only in civil aviation but also in the military industry. And as you know - any type of weapon is a welcome guest in the gaming industry and the helicopter is no exception.

In the modern game industry, there is a huge number of games in which helicopters are presented in one way or another. Within the framework of this section, we decided to collect the most significant games that are widely popular or start their way to the top. Among the numerous projects, you will find simple arcade shooters where you will need to cover long distances using a helicopter and eliminate the enemy. Or complex games that will be based on an exciting storyline. One way or another, you will get a lot of positive impressions that will stay with you for many years.

Put the helicopter of your dreams together, equip it with all kinds of weapons, and create the perfect weapon to destroy the mass of enemies. In most of the games, you will be able to improve your military equipment and improve several primary characteristics. Do you want to fly faster and higher? No problem. Kill enemies, complete tasks, earn money, and use the proceeds to improve your helicopter. In the end, without such upgrades, it will be incredibly difficult for you to win.