The gaming community is divided into two main categories. The former want to enjoy the simplicity of games, while the latter, on the contrary, like to make it more difficult. For some, a computer game is a great way to relieve stress after a difficult day and not really straining to perform some tasks. And for other users, it is a means of maximum concentration, where every action must be accompanied by a special degree of complexity.

Fortunately, there are more than enough games on the market today. And within this section, we want to present the most popular games from the Hard Games segment. Here you will have a really hard time, although if you came here, then with a high degree of probability you definitely wanted it.

Among the games in the section, you can find both complex story-driven adventure games that will force you to simultaneously solve a bunch of tasks, save allied characters, and shoot at everything moving, as well as the most difficult puzzles. What can you say if you have to complete a difficult puzzle in a very limited amount of time? This is the case when the very fact of collecting this puzzle is difficult, and there is also a time limit. But what if the system offers you to eliminate a whole scattering of enemies without making a single mistake? How is this possible, you ask? And we will answer that nothing is impossible in this game. It all depends on your attention, decision-making speed, and reaction. Each new mission will be a real test for you. And all of the above is a description of only the first level. There will be more further.

If you consider yourself to be the category of those players who like this kind of difficulty in games, then we are glad to offer the best projects from leading developers. All presented games regularly collect the highest ratings from users and increase their own popularity. Choose the most suitable project and win!