In the gaming industry, GTA has created a separate genre that has become an unattainable dream for many studios. Players quickly created a separate layer of gamers who elevated the original game to the level of perfection. And this is not surprising, because the project compares favorably with everything that was on the market at that time. Here the user had the opportunity to explore a huge open world, interact with various objects, freely drive various vehicles around the city. In short, entertain yourself like never before.

Initially, there was no question of anything like that for browser versions. However, with the development of technology, developers began to create the first prototypes of GTA Games for a lightweight platform. Soon, games of the genre began to appear in large numbers, which attracted a huge number of users. As a result, GTA Games has become one of the most sought-after genres in the gaming industry for all platforms.

In the presented section, we have collected the best offers that will allow you to plunge into the criminal world of GTA and fully enjoy all the possibilities of the open game world. If you want to break the law and rob establishments - please. Do you just want to ride around the city enjoying the dynamics and beautiful views? No problems. Whatever you choose, you will definitely have fun and you will remember this adventure for many years.

Among the browser projects in this category, you will find both games that are like two peas in a pod similar to the original, with logical differences, and completely dissimilar games. It should be noted that all the proposals of the category are united by a common concept, which is so loved by a huge number of users around the world.