For many decades golf was considered a game for the elite, entertainment for the upper strata of the population. However, with the development of computer technology, golf has turned from an inaccessible and incomprehensible leisure time into a completely understandable sport, which is not inferior to many other disciplines in the competitive element.

So, as part of full-format games on the PC, the first golf simulators began to appear, which allowed the user to completely plunge into a new and unknown world of golf, where rules and canons reign. Over time, such games smoothly migrated from full-format platforms to browser versions, and many golf games began to appear on the network, which pleasantly impressed with their competitive element.

This catalog contains the most interesting, exciting, and frankly funny golf games where you will have to perform completely different tasks. You can choose a project in which you need to go all the thorny path from a beginner to a world champion. Or you can just enjoy a unique game of mini-golf, which is also very popular.

However, among the traditional types of golf games, you can find unique projects that differ not only in a lack of common sense but also in similarities with traditional golf. Such projects are especially popular because if you ever get tired of playing a traditional game, you can always fly off to war with space aliens, armed with a golf club and golf balls. Yes, there are such proposals among the rich selection of modern projects. However, what difference does it make what you do with the club? The main thing is fun and a good time isn't it?!