Who said that girls adore games less than boys? In fact, the dynamics of the growth of the gaming audience in recent years has been actively expanding precisely due to girls. True, new users prefer a slightly different class of games, which differs in both gameplay and a list of genres.

Our catalog contains a fairly wide list of projects that have been specifically adapted for girls. Among these games, you can find the most suitable even for the most sophisticated modern gamers. Want to create unforgettable images? Try to play one of the many games where the system will offer you to choose hairstyles, makeup, and outfits to match modern fashion trends. Don't want to keep up with newfangled trends? Then create your own.

Well, if creating an image is not exactly what you wanted to do, then try yourself in the role of the world-famous master chef in a restaurant. Ready to treat guests with perfect dishes or create new masterpieces of culinary art? Then bolder to the point!

Among the huge list of games for girls, you can find atypical projects that are distinguished by their uniqueness and originality. Try to plunge into the world of adventure with a huge number of different characters, each of which will require attention and care on your part. And if this is not it, then just collect puzzles, color Barbie castles, play quests with Kitty, or just try new projects full of storylines that will not leave you indifferent!