Who even said that ghosts must be scary and dangerous? In the modern gaming industry, you can find a huge number of projects where this judgment fails miserably about numerous games where ghosts are really cute and friendly. Your attention is presented to a section in which, in one way or another, some otherworldly inhabitants will both help you and prevent you from performing certain actions. Are you ready to try your luck and join the confrontation with formless creatures? Then what are we waiting for?

You need to understand that among the numerous browser games in which ghosts are found, you can find projects of completely different genres. Here you will find both simple arcade action games and complex strategies with an economic bias. With each new season, the developers release more and more complex games that meet the many expectations of users. If even ten years ago a browser game was reduced to two or three functions, now you can meet full-scale three-dimensional shooters in which you will be confronted not only by real users but also by computer ghosts. And you need to understand that you will not expect friendliness and mutual assistance from these guys.

Be that as it may - you are provided with the widest selection of high-quality games, each of which can leave vivid impressions in your memories for many years. Enjoy everyone's favorite theme and have fun with a batch of a quality game.