Observing the dynamics of the development of gaming technologies, the thought involuntarily comes to mind that modern projects are becoming more serious and serious. If earlier games looked like funny cartoons, now they are more like expensive blockbusters. And this is not bad considering the requirements of modern users. However, when the moment comes when you want to play something funny and funny, most gamers start to wonder what to choose.

For you to no longer waste your time, we decided to select the most fun and funny games that are not oversaturated with cruelty, blood, and other complex storylines. Here you just have to go through the game and enjoy the direct process. And most importantly, all this is accompanied by fun.

However, it is worth noting that among the games presented, you can find projects of completely different genres. Want to have fun behind the wheel of a racing car? Why not? How about an exciting journey through magical lands? And it is possible. Here you can choose a game for yourself that fits perfectly into the concept of the category. The main thing is that you have fun. Everything else is a matter of technology.

But in all this unrestrained fun, in no case should we forget about the competitive component. The overwhelming majority of projects are geared towards achieving certain results and setting new records. Show everyone what you are worth and let your name be remembered with awe by players around the world. In this case, it does not matter what type of record in general it is.