After the appearance of the first part of the beloved "Frozen" cartoon, the world gained a new hit, which caused an avalanche of positive reviews both among film critics and among ordinary viewers. A lot of different inventory began to appear that related to the theme of the cartoon. This naturally spawned a whole Frozen cult that has touched almost every environment in the modern world.

Naturally, such a high demand did not pass by the gaming industry, which began to release games on the theme of a cartoon plot one after another. A large number of different types of projects began to appear, which were either associated with an animated picture with a storyline or simply used the main characters of the cartoon. In any case, these games began to enjoy enormous popularity and were regularly nominated for various awards.

We have collected the best games from the Frozen Games category, which can be attributed to both classic projects and new games of the new generation. Are you ready to try yourself as the main character of a folk cartoon? Do you want to solve the mysteries of the mysterious magical powers of the characters? Or maybe you just want to go on a long journey with one of the famous heroes? Whatever you choose, all the possibilities of modern game projects that were developed by the fans of the saga for the same fans will be presented to your attention.