Among the countless genres, there is always a place for relaxing games based on music. A few years ago, such games were just several new projects that later merged into the Friday Night Funkin Games genre and became incredibly popular. A huge number of people from all over the world appreciated the combination of karaoke, the legendary game of the Guitar Hero, and the competitive element. In case you consider yourself a music lover, you are keen on music and have a great sense of rhythm, then this category will definitely appeal to you!

In almost all games of this genre, you will be faced with the need to either complete clear tasks of the system or compete with other players to show the best performance of a composition. The process of playing the instruments is reduced to the timely and correct pressing of the buttons indicated by the system. But don't underestimate the role of music in games. It is a key factor that attracts users.

Theoretically, the Friday Night Funkin Games can be played without a sense of rhythm, but it will be much more fun to play if you are able to feel the music and understand that you can perform it much better than your opponent. Are you ready to show the whole world what the highest class is? Then choose any project of the category and start conquering the virtual stage, setting new records for points.