It is difficult to imagine the modern gaming industry without FootSims. For the most part, it was sports simulators that once made the most significant contribution to the development of the gaming industry. At the end of the 90s of the last century, the first massive game engines appeared on the market, the first prototypes of artificial intelligence in games, as well as the first algorithms for strategic actions from a computer. This was the starting point that forever changed the market beyond recognition.

Over the years, it was football simulators that became the basis of all sports games, and the developers created a couple of very large AAA projects that divided the entire segment of the genre among themselves. However, the market is saturated not only with large-scale games. Nowadays, even the browser and mobile format can boast a large number of football games. There can be both full-length games, in which two teams of 11 people participate, and arcade entertainment, made in the format of a duel 1 on 1. Each user will be able to choose something to their own taste.

Choose the project that you like best and enjoy excellent gameplay that can captivate you for many hours of interesting entertainment. Football Games is a great choice for those who adore competitive elements and sports games. Forget about the fact that the main thing is not victory, but participation. This principle does not work here. Come in, choose, win, and share the results with friends all around the world!