Flight games are an important part of the gaming industry. One of the first projects were arcade simulators that offered the user the ability to control flying vehicles, and these games were extremely popular. However, it is difficult to understand why those games were in incredibly high demand. Either the question is that there was not much choice in those years, or the reason lies in the eternal desire of people to fly in the clouds. However, the fact remains - flying games have always been in extremely stable demand and these dynamics have not subsided over the years.

Our catalog contains the best projects that offer, to one degree or another, to control various flying vehicles. In some games, you will be piloting super modern military fighters, while in others you will be flying on your own without any equipment. In other words, you will be limited only by your own imagination and you will have at your disposal a whole scattering of modern flying vehicles.

Among the huge number of projects at Flying Games, you will find both a temporary hobby that will act as a great time killer and a full-fledged project for long hours of flight. Compete with other users, complete tasks, set altitude records, and simply defeat opponents in long-term competitions.

Soar into the air and set your own rules there. Well, if your task is to simply transport passengers, then do it with special charm and precision of kings. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to spend time on an exciting adventure that will remain in your memory for a long time.