Beautiful, kind and exciting series of games, the main characters of which are Fireboy and Watergirl. In this series of mini-games the characters look for a way out from different locations, where they are forced to go through many different pitfalls to avoid contact with the tough opponents and cleverly overcome difficulties. The uniqueness of the characters is that each of them is an individual natural element and can easily pass through a similar structure of its area. The girl easily moves through the water, and the boy has no difficulty jumping on the boiling lava. However, there are some places, where both of them are not recommended to go, and in these cases you have to think carefully how to proceed. 

Despite the fact that all the games seem to be the same, they all are unique in their content, pitfalls and design. Each new level will pleasantly surprise you with new challenges and new atmospheric tasks. This is one of the best ways to reload your head and dive into a world full of adventure. Special charm of the series of games is the ability to control both characters at once. Fireboy And Watergirl is not like any other game, and that it is sure to conquer you!

Fireboy And Watergirl 1

A new series of games on behalf of two characters that excites of its uniqueness from the first level. Help Fireboy and Watergirl go through challenges, traps and various defensive mechanisms that are placed on the way of the level end. Each of the participants of the quest is immune to its own element and will be able to freely pass through water or fire lava. If you need to collect bonus stars from the water, then it is better to send Watergirl there. If your necessary leverage is in the lava - this work is for Fireboy.

Go all the way by both characters and do not let any of them die. Your goal will be the ultimate destination where you get the desired prize and the champion status. There are absolutely no obstacles that could not be overcome by the boy and the girl under your proper guidance. The uniqueness of the series of games is that you can simultaneously control both characters, each of them perfectly copes with the tasks in different places of the map.

Fireboy And Watergirl 2

This time brother and sister, who are various elements of water and fire, fall into the trap of the light castle that carries a huge number of traps, secret rooms and other dangers. You do not have time to find out how you got here or who is guilty of your imprisonment - you just have to find a way out and overcome another exciting adventure, headed by a friendly team of Fireboy and Watergirl. Use all possible and available tools, avoid pitfalls, and defeat opponents with cunning and perspicacity.

Remember that there are no such locations in the light castle where one of the characters could not cope with the current task. Your strength lies in the unity and diversity of tasks. Go through difficult levels, complete quests, open the secret doors and look for the cherished goal - to get out of the castle! The tasks will be more difficult and interesting with each new level of the game. This is a real challenge for a friendly team that is able to handle any task!

Fireboy And Watergirl 3

A new round of tests for beloved Fireboy and Watergirl. This time brother and sister are in the ice castle, from which they will seek a way out. It would seem that this task has to be easy for Watergirl who is immune to ice environment, but there is no place to simplicity in the world of continuous adventures for our heroes. Only one character out of two can cope with tasks in several locations, while the second one will humbly wait for the outcome of events. Help the boy and the girl to overcome all obstacles and find the way to the desired door. 

Each of the levels will increase the degree of difficulty of tasks, and new enemies and other insidious characters will appear with each new test towards the liberation. Think over each step on the level and try to pass it from the first time. Remember, impassable locations don’t exist, and if you do not see the way to the desired door, then carefully look at every corner of the level again and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Fireboy And Watergirl 4

The crystal castle has brought new challenges to our main characters, who again have to go through a huge number of locations in order to exit the game being winners. This time we have not only a huge number of adventures, but also more bonus crystals, because the game takes place in the abode of the tantalizing elements of red and blue. Collect all the bonuses, go through locations, learn how to cleverly circumvent all the traps and avoid the evil creatures that get in the way.

Fireboy will easily pass all the places where boiling lava rages under his feet, and his sister Watergirl will pass all the tests on the water. Help the heroes deal with the difficulties of the crystal castle and take them to the exit of this dark and gloomy world. Any exciting adventure begins with a fun team, headed by you. How you will play, and what will be your next step - it is only your decision. Take it wisely and carefully! Remember that brother and sister need your help! Do not let them down, and you will remember for a lifetime as a fun and interesting adventure in the crystal castle.

Fireboy And Watergirl 5

Our favorite characters are back in another adventure. This time you will find a way out of the mysterious forest that is literally teeming with dangers, traps and various quests. Use superpowers of both characters and move them in different locations, each of which carries own secret and involves obstacles. Open new doors, look for victory around every corner, fight the forces of nature and do not forget to collect bonuses.

Help Fireboy and Watergirl go through all the difficulties and mysteries of the map to completely pass the magical and enchanting forest that will remain in your memory for a long time as a place of endless adventures. Together with the boy and the girl you are a team of professionals who can cope with any task and who have no insurmountable obstacles on the way. Deal with all the difficulties and find your way home through the thorns of forest plants and endless traps. You will become the winner when bring brother and sister to the cherished door leading to their home world. This game is a great way to spend time with a nice couple of super-heroes, each of which is unique.