Since the appearance of the first fighting simulators, the games of this genre have not undergone major changes. More and more games of the genre began to appear on the market, which fully made it possible to enjoy a high-quality fighting game both against a computer opponent and against a real player. Among the highest-grossing projects in all years, there has always been a place for some incredibly dynamic fighting simulator. And it is for this reason that a huge number of developers have released their own vision of how the project should look in the genre.

All this extended not only to full-size projects but also to the browser segment. In the presented section you can choose any game that suits you both in terms of game mechanics and other components. Whatever you choose, exciting adventures await you in which you can plunge headlong into long hours of active gaming.

Among the most popular projects, you will find both new items and real legends, which over the many years of their existence have not lost their relevance and have increased the fan base of their own fans. Choose what you like best among the highest quality projects of our time, create your own fighter, or develop the career of a ready-made promising athlete. And if you do not like the element of strategic pumping, then choose games where you just need to crush enemies in huge packs and enjoy the process of dynamic play. Everything else is a matter of technique!