Even though the spinner was invented in the last century, the general public learned about it only recently. Together with the huge number of spinners that have appeared around the world, incredible popularity has come to the device. Every person has tried twisting this sedative to relieve stress at least once. And where there is a huge demand for some kind of device, there is always a huge number of proposals from game developers. Thus, a whole genre of Fidget Spinner Games appeared, in which the games were surprisingly similar to each other. But at the same time, all projects of the genre began to enjoy steady demand, and the similarity of projects did not prevent their own development. Each player found something special in different games, which formed a definitively separate game genre.

In the presented catalog you can find the best games of the genre that offer the user unique mechanics, where everything is based on traditional laws of physics. You will have to collect various components in order to increase the spinning speed of your spinner. When colliding with other spinners, you will lose a certain amount of your own energy, which is converted into the number of collected components. The greater the difference in class between the spinners, the easier it is for the one with the “weight” to win.

Games of this format are positioned as a quality "killer" of time and a great way to organize domination on the map. But the most pleasant feature of any project from this section is multiplayer. It is this factor that creates a unique atmosphere that is the main feature of Fidget Spinner Games. You will confront not just computer bots, but real players, each with their vision, strategy, and tactics. Are you ready to challenge the best gamers on the planet? Then choose a game and start total domination!