In the era of the emergence of the gaming industry in the form in which we all know it now, most of the developers have a question - how to go from a simple arcade system to polysyllabic economic games. Such a "breakthrough" in the mechanics of the game would make it possible to create better projects that would please both with several difficulties and additional features. And when the first games began to appear, in which the user had to obtain certain resources for further interaction with them, the industry changed forever. Now the user was forced to extract a large number of resources before starting to build or create something, and this has become the norm.

In this section, you have an opportunity to find a huge number of first-class projects that will allow you to fully plunge into the atmosphere of farming in all its manifestations. Even though a large number of players are outraged by the fact that farming takes up a large amount of game time, this is completely unfair. Firstly, without the farming factor, the games would not be as interesting. And secondly, this game mechanic is regarded by many users as the main highlight. And if you consider yourself to be a user who likes to farm various resources, then we will be happy to please you with a huge number of different solutions.

Farming Games are not just time killers. This is a real marker of success because in the overwhelming majority of modern games everything is based on the economic component. And often the winner is the one who farms better during the playing session. So plunge into the unique atmosphere of games where you will need to extract a large number of different resources and enjoy the excellent mechanics of the respective projects.