The fantasy genre occupies a special place in the gaming industry, because who does not love the unique atmosphere of fictional and fairy-tale worlds dominated by unique creatures and whole warlike races of fairy-tale characters? Here you can be anyone, possess incredible strength, and become the king of the most warlike creatures. The fantasy world is as rich in multicultural populations as possible. It is for this reason that Fantasy Games are very popular among a large number of modern gamers.

Our catalog contains the most popular browser games of the new format that correspond to the best traditions of fairy-tale worlds. Here you are able to choose a project according to your preferences and start a war against warlike peoples. Well, if you don't want to play the role of a bloodthirsty invader, then try to build new cities and kingdoms. If this is not enough for you, then try your hand at numerous games where you have to play as one character who will perform several difficult tasks and seek adventure.

Among the annual nominees for the title of the best projects of the year, there are always projects in the Fantasy Games genre. This is already a pleasant tradition that has become firmly embedded in the realities of the modern gaming industry and is an integral part of gaming culture. Even if you've never tried this genre, you should definitely try it! After all, Fantasy Games is where the genre sets the tone and direction of the industry. The influence of fantasy games is visible in projects that are incredibly far removed from the original genre, which in itself is a sign of extreme importance.