Within the gaming industry, there has always been a distinction between genres, which is quite normal and logical. But at the same time, many developers have constantly tried to create the complete opposite of popular projects. For example, if a huge number of gamers prefer games of the genre “run and destroy zombies”, then games from the category of “run and escape from zombies” have necessarily appeared on the market. And I must admit that this example is more than indicative.

In the presented catalog you will find the most popular games of the genre that will captivate you with interesting mechanics or storyline. You will have to save yourself from death at any cost, and often, to complete the task, the game will force you to show everything that your reaction and speed of decision-making are capable of. This is the very genre in which speed is the fundamental factor that you will feel from the first minutes spent in the game.

Escape Games projects are traditionally highly popular among users in the widest age category. It does not matter how old you are, in any case, it will be interesting for you to play one of the presented projects. Keep in mind, however, that each game is age-appropriate for its format, and care should be taken when choosing games.

A large number of projects presented in the category have become so popular that they already have several parts. Others have just begun their journey to the gaming Olympus, but they are already distinguished by a huge number of the highest ratings. And there are real cult legends that captivated the hearts of millions of gamers at all times and around the world. Choose your option and win!