Many believe that the real age of dungeon games began with the popularization of Diablo, which has become a true legend in all respects. However, the first game to convey the rich atmosphere of the dungeons was Prince of Persia. The first project about an Arab prince was released long before there was talk about Diablo. Perhaps there were games of the genre before, but all this does not matter, because whoever was the first, he guessed for sure, because the overwhelming majority of users warmly greeted new games in which the main character or characters fought against evil, solved difficult problems, looked for treasures and eliminated monsters.

Be that as it may, over the years the Dungeon Games genre has reached the browser versions, where the developers have cleverly integrated a huge number of quality games into a simplified platform. Now you don't have to download the game, buy an expensive computer, or suffer from installation and updates. You just open the site, launch your favorite project, and enjoy its unique atmosphere.

All of the games presented in this catalog meet the highest standards of quality and interest. Among the huge abundance of projects, you can definitely choose only what you like best. Do you prefer interesting adventure games? Then you should try one of the many games where your main character will have to look for exits in difficult dungeons. Or maybe you want to eliminate underground monsters that prevent you from completing an important mission? Try, win, and do not forget to share your successes with other players who are also trying to set their records.