When a person first hears about any games from the Dumb Ways To Die Games genre, they imagine something very insidious, bloody, and extremely evil. And in fact, if you read only a description of such games, you really get the impression that these are extremely gloomy games in front of you, which are not recommended to be shown to impressionable people.

However, with a cursory acquaintance with any game of the genre, it immediately becomes clear that the Dumb Ways To Die Games is not about blood, but about fun. This is not about cruelty, but about clumsiness. This is not about murder, but about a festival of endless absurdity. The Darwin Award itself was created exclusively for such situations, which are constantly modeled in games of this genre.

Each game is replete with its own tasks, but they are all built according to one general algorithm - do not do stupid things and survive at any cost. Let’s suppose, if you enter a subway car incorrectly, the doors will cut off your hands, or if you don't swim fast enough in a pond, then you will be eaten by piranhas. And all the games are saturated with similar content. Think fast, act even faster. This should be the motto of the presented games.

Here you will need not only to show miracles of speed but also remarkable ingenuity. But to be completely frank, then a lot of laughs and constant attempts to pass “this stupid level” again are waiting for you there. Want to really relax and laugh heartily? Then this is your category!