For many people, drums are a pipe dream of childhood, which was broken by the prohibitions of parents, the social factor, and a bunch of different "buts". But who doesn't want to try their hand at a drum kit? It is good that with the development of technology, numerous game developers began to implement games that later began to merge into a separate musical genre. And for a colossal number of musical dreamers, the goal of picking up drumsticks has become a reality.

In the presented catalog you will find the best browser projects of the Drum Games genre, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of drum kits and give the “heat” the way you always wanted. Without prohibitions, without indignant looks, and any condemnation from the neighbors.

Among the numerous projects, you will find both simple arcade games that will force you to fill in some simple motive in time, as well as content-rich simulations that allow you to fully feel like a master drummer. Whatever you choose, you will have drums at your disposal that you can use whenever you want, including when everyone is asleep. However, in this case, do not forget to put on headphones, because few people like to wake up to the sounds of improving your drumming skills.

Modern browser games of the Drum Games genre will present not only simple game mechanics, which will be reduced to alternating hits. Some projects will introduce you to unique stories and allow you to relive various moments in the life of the main character, for whom you have to play. Be that as it may - here you will find not just another game, but a real hobby that will haunt you for many years of active gaming.