Drifting was born quite by accident in the company of enthusiasts on the roads of Japan, but this direction of motorsport activity has gained incredible popularity around the world. People began to buy unique cars that are ideal for drifting and the simple hobby of a small group of people has become a global treasure, which is rapidly gaining momentum in the current decade.

A huge number of cool films and TV series have been filmed about drifting. Naturally, this popularity could not pass by the gaming industry. And if earlier racing simulators rested solely on the need to be faster than an opponent, now in some games the correct drift factor was taken into account.

This section contains the most popular projects, which will take into account a huge number of the drifter's primary tasks. Here, not only the speed of movement of your car is important, but also the angle of "laying" into a skid, as well as the time spent in a controlled maneuver. Among other things, factors such as entertainment, tuning, and even the number of fans on the side of the track can be taken into account.

Each project is unique in its way and requires a special approach. However, if you love everything related to modern drifting, then you should definitely play the most popular projects of the presented category and choose your favorite, which will allow you to hone your skills for a long time. Remember - nothing is more important than results and a bright show, and there will never be a limit to perfection! It is for this reason that games in the Drifting Games category are in incredible demand all over the world. Join the drifting movement and you!