One of the most ironic facts faced by the gaming industry is that initially the games of the “drawing” genre were developed exclusively in the format of educational projects that were intended for children. This is logical and understandable, however, as soon as adults tried the games of this genre, most of them fell into childhood.

Here you have to not only draw some scribbles but also solve real logical problems, each of which is a very serious test for an unprepared gamer. For children, this gameplay looks very serious, exciting, and interesting. What is most pleasant - the games of the genre help the child to develop, while influencing both the logic of the baby and the development of fine motor skills. 

It is difficult to describe the features of the gameplay of games that, despite belonging to the same genre, have such a big difference in the plot component. Some games will provide the ability to draw solutions to several specific tasks that the game poses. Others will allow you to fully and fully realize your creative potential. Some games push users against their foreheads and allow each of them to draw a prettier specific object. In this case, the degree of success of the task is determined by other players who are waiting in line for the game session.

There is an extremely popular series of games in which everyone’s favorite “crocodile” is implemented in an artistic style. The player is guessed at some specific word that he must draw on the canvas. If the user is quick enough and seems to illustrate the task, and users can guess the word, then the system counts him and everyone who guessed the game points. In the end, the winner is the one who draws the best and skillfully guesses.

In the world, there are a huge number of similar projects, each of which has its own zest, magic, and reasons to play again. Find your favorite toy and enjoy the exciting gameplay that will give you unforgettable emotions. Try modern painters developed by the forces of true masters of your craft and you can never refuse them. After all, who said that this series of games is exclusively for kids? Make sure the opposite is true for your own example!