Dogs have been faithful companions of humans for more than tens of thousands of years. During this time, a huge number of different breeds have appeared, which are bred for one purpose or another. However, it is difficult to argue with the fact that furry and tailed pets are our closest and loyal friends among animals. And it's silly to argue with the fact that dogs play an incredibly large role in people's lives.

It is for this reason that dogs have a huge part in the cultural heritage of mankind. In the past twenty years alone, an incredibly large number of books have been written where dogs have played a key role in one form or another. And how many films were made, cartoons were drawn or games created in which dogs acted as the main characters? And this dynamics only increases over the years, having no reason to stop their growth.

In the presented catalog, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of games where dogs are an integral part of the storyline. Here are the most popular games in which you have to solve riddles, defeat enemies, build entire cities, collect treasures, look for various items, and raid enemy settlements. In other words - you are free to do everything that you love so much in modern games and without any restrictions.

We have selected both those projects that have been popular for some time and games that have just appeared on the horizon of the gaming industry relatively recently. Join newfangled projects that have become a real discovery of the season or dive into the rich and exciting world of games that have managed to be classified as classics. Enjoy unique storylines and fanciful game mechanics that will leave no one indifferent.