In the long and very eventful history of our planet, dinosaurs have occupied a colossal period. At the same time, almost all the time of their own existence, dinosaurs were the dominant species that dominated the earth without hindrance. We are used to seeing these amazing creatures in the role of huge and merciless monsters, but dinosaurs can be very cute, as evidenced by the huge number of different games presented in this section.

If you love everything related to prehistoric creatures, then we invite you to plunge into an incredible atmosphere of adventure and play one of the many dinosaur games. Here you have to do whatever you want. Some projects will take you through the lands of huge predators, through which you will need to find your way to salvation. In other games, you will need to rescue dinosaurs from the ice age. And thirdly, you will simply play as a cute, green, and very kind guy who also wants to get his share of adventure.

Among the list of modern projects, you can choose a game that is ideal for you, your family, or children. Games abound with a wide variety of storylines and different game mechanics. Here you can find both classic representatives of dinosaur games, and completely crazy ideas in which you will control space yachts, on the captain's bridge of which a tyrannosaur will command. Truly there's no limit to designers' creativity in the modern gaming world.

You should definitely try all the games and find your favorite among the most popular and demanded ones, which will take the place of your new hobby for years to come. Enjoy high-quality gameplay produced by modern studios that specialize in next-generation browser games.