Do you want to experiment a little? Try asking your friends and acquaintances if they have ever played a game in which the system offers to find the differences between two images. With a high degree of probability, such people simply will not be found among your circle. We are all very familiar with games of this format and have repeatedly tried to find the differences between the two pictures. However, if, by some accident, one of your friends has never really come across anything like this, then it's high time to puzzle him with a quest that will become a new hobby for many years.

Games of the cycle "find the difference" are designed so that the user can escape from the daily routine and not concentrate on something else for a long time. Something pleasant and exciting. And in this genre projects have no competitors.

Among the wide range of games in the category, you will encounter both frankly easy and really real tests that will seem like a nightmare to you. However, no game will force you to face impossible tasks right off the bat. To begin with, the project will acquaint you with the mechanics and specifics of control, it may even suggest the location of a pair of components, and only then it will carefully suggest that you start looking for differences on your own.

In games of this kind, a detailed calculation of game points is often conducted. If you find the differences in the pictures quickly enough, then for each selected component you will be awarded a certain number of points. However, if you plan to mindlessly and quickly click on all possible places in the images, then we hasten to upset you! You will not be able to cheat in such games since the system takes points from you for touching in an area in which there are absolutely no active components for selection.