The detective genre in literature has become the most popular genre long before the invention of computers. This naturally affected the popularity of modern gaming projects. Most of the developers, one way or another, began to offer the public their own versions of games on the topic. Over the years, the industry began to develop by leaps and bounds, and games about detectives migrated from mobile platforms and PCs to browser versions, where a lot of them began to appear.

The wide variety of projects has led to the genre becoming one of the most talked-about and popular among gamers. A large number of people began to unite their efforts on specialized forums, where a huge number of tips appeared on how to pass one or another level of a game.

The beauty of the genre is that each time you will be faced with a new storyline that will tell you about the incredible loss of an object or make you find a criminal. And this is only a small part of the visible tip of the iceberg. To fully integrate into the unique atmosphere of adventure, you will need to find answers to numerous questions, solve a colossal number of mysteries and go through the difficult path from an ordinary detective to a real thunderstorm of the underworld. Make enemies fear your name alone and find all the hidden criminals.

Games of this genre are distinguished by an excellent educational component. Even the smallest users will find solutions to problems with a special passion and interest in order to achieve the main goal. Such actions have an excellent effect on both the general development of the child and the development of a logical way of thinking. But the real beauty of detective games is that they are great for any age group of users.