Relatively recently, the first games began to appear on the network, which, in one way or another, offered the user to realize their creativity by decorating any objects or people. The first such games were projects in which girls were asked to choose beautiful outfits and cosmetics as their main character. And it is worth noting that this genre has received a huge demand among users, which, as a result, led to the popularization of the genre as such.

A little later, projects began to join the Decorating Games category, in which it was already necessary not only to select outfits, but also to be engaged in the arrangement of homes, which made it possible to fully realize the hidden potential of an interior designer, or even an architect. It should be noted that the games of the genre have received very flattering reviews from a large number of specialized publications since we are dealing not only with entertainment content but with a real interactive example of an educational program. The child gets the opportunity to combine various graphic elements, which is an excellent way to develop the creative component.

Our catalog contains the widest possible range of games, among which you will find both projects for girls and popular games that will please any group of users. Collect outfits, decorate rooms, pick up various decorations for the holidays, and just decorate everything that can be decorated. Show everyone what refined taste and sophisticated style are. Choose your design option from ready-made design solutions or create your own vision of details. Perhaps it is your version that will one day become the impetus for the emergence of new trends.