From time immemorial, hitting a target with various weapons has acquired, in addition to the military sense, a certain competitive character. What are the knightly tournaments, which attracted the best hunters from all the surrounding lands and tried their hand at archery? In the modern world, it has become much more difficult to organize some kind of hobby, and it is for this reason that a simplified analog of target shooting in the form of darts boards has appeared.

Naturally, such a solution became incredibly popular all over the world and Durst began to disperse in huge numbers. In every self-respecting bar, sports club, or at noisy parties there is always a board at which many people throw darts. This has become not just some kind of hobby for a limited circle of people, but a ubiquitous part of modern culture.

Sure thing, such a level of demand could not pass by the gaming industry and modern developers began to one by one release games, in which Darts in one form or another became the main game element. In the presented catalog, we have collected the best games of the genre that will suit all age categories of gamers. Choose a project that meets your requirements and expectations and enjoy high-quality gameplay, in which everything depends on your accuracy and attentiveness. If you know how to hit targets, then very soon you will become an unattainable champion who will set a number of records for accuracy.

Become a legend in world competitions or compete with a computer opponent. However, Durst is a very rare example in which it is completely uninteresting to play against the computer. The highlight of the game is to surpass the other player in accuracy. And no computer opponent will allow you to fully enjoy your superiority in a game in which everything depends on sleight of hand and visual acuity.