Crosswords have become more than just another kind of entertainment for people. It is a part of the global culture that gained maximum popularity at the beginning of the last century and has since been represented in all possible print media around the world. It is difficult to imagine a person who has no idea about crosswords and the rules for compiling them.

With the advancement of computer technology, most game developers have been able to create sophisticated games with advanced graphics. So the first crossword games began to appear on the market, in which the main emphasis was placed not only on the mechanics of the game itself but also on visual support.

Today you can find projects that are supplemented with bonus elements if you take some specific action. For example, if you solved the task correctly and guessed several words in one row, then the system rewards you with additional game points or activates a mini-game that is part of the bonus program for the user. There are a lot of similar examples among modern browser crosswords, and this clearly demonstrates the enormous popularity of games in this format.

Well, if you just are eager to plunge into the atmosphere of a classic crossword puzzle, then just choose the project you like, make yourself some tea and spend some of your free time with benefit solving an interesting problem.

According to the assurance of a huge number of experts, crosswords are one of the best memory simulators. Among other things, they develop intellectual abilities and are included in several educational programs for secondary schools in individual EU countries. However, for true amateurs, no motivation is needed to escape from everyday life and sit down to solve an interesting crossword puzzle.