Cricket originated in the 18th century on the territory of the British Empire and since then has become a national sport that has been actively spreading around the world. Today, cricket, although it does not enjoy its former popularity, however, is a whole scattering of highly demanded computer games that abound with a wide army of fans.

This was facilitated by the clear mechanics of the game, the rival element, and the very sporting affiliation of the discipline. As you know, sports simulators are traditionally highly popular even among those who do not consider themselves to be active fans of the sports they prefer to play.

Unlike a huge number of football and basketball simulators, cricket games have never been presented to the general public as full-length projects. However, the emergence of a whole scattering of browser games has become a real impetus to the popularization of cricket in modern society.

Our catalog contains a large number of different projects that in one way or another correspond to the declared category. In some games, you will have to wield sports equipment and defeat strong opponents on the field, while in others you will only use your cricket equipment to defeat unexpected opponents, such as zombies, monsters, and other evil spirits. In other words, in this category, you will find the project that you have been looking for for so long.

The fact that browser games have noticeably improved performance and in terms of game rendering has somewhat freed the hands of modern developers. If earlier the vast majority of sports simulators of the browser format had extremely dubious functionality, now users were able to get high-quality, full-fledged, interesting, and addictive gameplay, which is not limited to cut scenes from eight-bit games and two-dimensional graphics of the end of the last century.