The moment of the appearance of the first games in which the system suggested that gamers create some auxiliary objects for interacting with other objects, became truly significant. So there was a whole genre of games that dubbed Crafting Games. And even though this is not given due attention, crafting games have become a real revolution in the game world.

All such projects are based on an approximate one economic model - you need to find a certain amount of some game resources and use them as consumables to create items. Subsequently, several similar items are combined into a group of other components that will be needed to create (craft) more complex components.

Thus, a huge number of RPG and MMO projects appeared in the gaming industry. Somewhat later, developers began to integrate similar methods of creating objects in many other genres, which gave rise to the creation of a huge number of new projects that formed the basis of entire series of incredibly popular games.

The crafting procedure itself turned out to be a fresh breath of air in a stagnant industry where even large projects could not boast of any serious economic models. And the players lacked a well-thought-out and multi-stage economic system. It is not surprising that with the advent of the first PC games, in which serious and polysyllabic schemes for crafting objects or components began to appear, players gained hits that became legends over time.

With the further development of technology, developers began to have tools for implementing crafting in-browser games. Naturally, this attracted great attention from the gaming community and the first stable fans began to appear in browser games, who spent hundreds of hours playing their favorite games.

Now browser gaming has gone much further than just from a series of simple games that did not give the user any advanced features. With the advent of a new era, where the dominant position was occupied by crafting games, users received new opportunities and new gaming emotions. Whoever and however would relate to projects of this kind, they will forever be remembered as a new round in the industry, which allowed browser gaming to go beyond the usual uniformity.