A cowboy is not only an authentic profession, originating from the days of the Wild West but also a real cultural heritage that has not lost its relevance for several centuries. Naturally, this could not but affect the gaming industry and since the development of technology, a lot of browser versions of games on the subject of cowboys have appeared.

Our catalog contains the best and most sought-after projects that reveal the topic of cowboys or simply allow you to plunge into the unique atmosphere of cool riders. Ready to try your hand? Then saddle the horse and go - to adventure!

At your disposal is a large number of different types of projects that will offer you a wide variety of games. Somewhere you will have to learn to ride a horse, honing your skills and trying to overcome a large number of obstacles. In other games, the system will force you to aim fire from a revolver. Well, somewhere you have to take part in international lasso throw competitions. And if you can’t surpass your opponents, you will have to train hard and long to get ready for the next competition.

In other words, the topic of cowboys is much more multifaceted than you can imagine. Don't you believe it? Try to choose any of the proposed projects and play it. You will see that this topic is incredibly rich in ideas and this is not surprising, because the Cowboy Games section of browser games is very popular among many users around the world.

Enjoy various game mechanics, set new records, and show all users who the real master is here, who looks incredibly cool in the saddle and with a powerful revolver on his belt! This is a great way to express yourself and test your reaction in action.