There are entire genres of games that attract the attention of a large number of gamers. Someone likes fast-paced military strategies, while someone likes measured economic simulators that do not require speed and reaction from a player. Someone prefers to play simulations, drive across endless expanses, and set world speed records, while someone likes quests or shooters. In other words - how many players in the world, so many preferences. However, everyone shares a common love for really cool games, which are grouped into the Cool Games category.

In this category, both the highest-grossing projects, which are incredibly popular, and the real “dark horses”, which have not yet received their portion of leadership, are concentrated, but they are racing at full speed to this well-deserved title and will soon blow the whole market.

Here you can choose a game for every taste, color, age group, and genre. It does not matter what you need to do - run, build, swim, or manage entire financial empires. If the game is worthwhile and all the profile media of the world write about it, then with a high degree of probability it will be presented in this section.

Besides, the section is replenished with the brightest and most interesting new products that have just appeared in the sky of browser gaming. And if you are an active player who closely follows the industry, then you need to visit this category from time to time in order to be aware of the latest updates that are worth your close attention.

Are you ready to conquer the unbridled world of gaming hobbies in the most fun, cool and interesting games of our time? Then choose any project that you like and enjoy the exciting gameplay.