In the modern gaming industry, there are a large number of multiplayer projects that offer one or another level of interaction with other players. And the fact that even browser games allow you to enjoy all the delights of the multi-user mode is an absolute plus and an indicator of a breakthrough in technology. However, this is not all that modern projects can do, and you should carefully study the capabilities of the new generation of Co-Op games.

Recently, the first cooperative projects have begun to appear on the vastness of browser projects, which allow two or more users to act together and go through complex projects with a rich game scenario line. If relatively recently, few could have imagined a full-length project like Diablo or Don’t starve together in the browser version, today such games began to appear actively in the sky of the browser game world. And in this section, we are pleased to introduce the best representatives of their class who have collected excellent reviews from users and profile critics.

Among the many projects, you can find both real RPG games in which you have to defeat a huge number of enemies, as well as quests sharpened for the passage of two users in the same order. In other words, you will find something to do with your friend without installing or buying an expensive full-size game on your PC.

Among other projects, you can find not only games that allow cooperative passage in network mode but also games in which you can play with a friend on the same computer. Choose the most convenient, interesting, and fascinating project that will remain in your memory for a long time, like a real Co-Op classic.