Clicker Games is a classification of games in which the user is invited to systematically perform actions of a specific and repetitive nature. Often this allows you to significantly improve the gaming characteristics of the main character, some object, or any components controlled by the player. And even though the vast majority of games are tied to the fact that the player sits and clicks on the mouse button, this genre has received great recognition from users.

First of all, this success was possible since clickers are not just a game about how to spend time thoughtlessly. This is a great way to build a functional system that will earn you money or experience. For example, if you play some kind of Tower Defense, in which the main way to earn money is to kill monsters with defensive towers, but as an addition, you have the opportunity to earn money just by clicking on some object. So to earn more money you will need to buy more towers. In the end, you don’t have to click at all. The game will perform all the most important actions in the background. Having once built such a chain of passive income, you can return to the game in order to enjoy the result of hard work and make several improvements.

Among other things, you can invest not only in passive income but also improve the characteristics of your main character or any other object that produces valuable resources. Suppose that at the initial stage for each click you get one unit of gold, then after a series of improvements, you can get tens of times more, which will allow you to mine gold already on an industrial scale. Try once to plunge into the incredible atmosphere of clickers and you will forever become a fan of the genre!