When the first game about cleaning appeared, everyone thought that it was only a single unique project, which would enjoy certain popularity and nothing more. However, somewhat later, developers began to release a large number of related projects that repeated the mechanics of the pioneer, and these games began to enjoy steady popularity.

Over time, more such projects have appeared and a peculiar genre of games about the cleaning has formed. Each of these games followed its storyline and taught players to perform certain actions. And it began to enjoy even greater popularity. In this section, you can familiarize yourself with the best browser games of this genre, which will allow you to enjoy the unique gameplay.

Modern cleaning games are popular because they combine several basic tasks. Often you need to bring to your senses some abandoned or dirty object. But you can’t just pick up and clean the room or building. All cleaning processes will be carried out in turn and each room will change its appearance in stages. To do this, you will need to carefully perform various tasks and open new locations.

In other words, Cleaning Games are multi-level games for girls that pose several interesting tasks, the logical development of which will be bringing the house into a state of perfect order and pristine beauty. Most of the category projects are not burdened by the high complexity of passing. You will have enough time to think and make the right decision when performing this or that task. And all this naturally increases the popularity of all the games in which you will need to clean.