The modern gaming industry pleases with a huge abundance of quality projects, each of which deserves separate and very close attention. All these games in their time became a real breakthrough and caused the delight of a huge number of users around the world. However, there is a category of game projects that exist outside of time and current trends. We are talking about classic games, which became the impetus for the formation of the very gaming industry that is familiar to us today.

It is these games that are presented in this catalog, and if you do not know where it all began, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular, cash, and exciting classic games of all time.

Among the wide list of the golden game fund, you will find both the most sought-after hits that for decades have occupied fairly high positions in the top, as well as narrow-profile classics. The second category includes projects that are not as popular as Super Mario or Pacman. However, they also seriously affected the development of the market as a whole and the formation of new game genres.

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of classic games that have excited the minds of gamers for many years. Try to go through the various stages of popular projects faster than recognized world champions. Who knows, maybe you will become the representative of a new generation of gamers who will show the best result in the game in the history of its existence. Choose any classic project and enjoy the fact that without which modern games would not be in the form in which we know and love them. Try to play all the most significant and recognized projects at least in order to be informed!